Senior Frontend Engineer | CLUJ-NAPOCA

Do you want to be part of a team working with one of the most promising European startups? In addition to winning Nordic Startup of the Year Award, they have attracted one of the biggest investments in start-up companies in Europe.

Our client is heavily inspired by the Spotify Engineering culture and work in squads and guilds.

We are looking for a passionate Senior Frontend Developer who will play a central role in the development of our client’s product and have a say in choosing technologies, tools and architecture of the new product features.

The product’s front-end is built using React with Hooks and its ecosystem. We are using tools like SCSS, CSS Modules to design cool and modern user interfaces, following Flux principles and using Redux with Thunks for more advanced state management and tidy our code with ESLint. We are also playing with micro-frontends and lazy-loaded UIs using the new React Lazy and Suspense APIs. 

Technologies used:

  • Front-end:  TypeScript, React, Redux, Redux-Thunk, SCSS, CSS Modules, Jest, Cypress, Yarn, Rollup, Create-React-App, WPF, etc.
  • Backend: .NET, .NET Core 3.1, C# 8.0, Web API, Entity Framework, VSTO, etc.
  • Hosting: 100% Azure, Docker, Kubernetes (AKS), Web Apps, Terraform, Azure SQL, Azure Service Bus, Application Insights, Azure Monitor, Azure Data Lake, etc.
  • What you bring in: We are not afraid of new technologies, and guilds are discussing new technology on a regular basis, making sure we keep our tools and tech stack current.

What you should bring:

  • Ability to help develop our front-end architecture and experience in designing modern, high-quality and performant front-end applications
  • Broad experience with developing and maintaining large JavaScript/TypeScript applications built on modern frameworks like React and their ecosystem
  • Experience in applying best practices in order to build intuitive, accessible, performant and secure web applications.
  • You enjoy mentoring and teaching colleagues at all levels, while also taking the opportunity to learn from them
  • You are a structured, responsible and open-minded team-player who takes initiative.
  • You will work in a cross-functional squad and be part of the Frontend Guild, so you will also have the option to work with .NET, QA, Cloud, DevOps etc if you choose to.

What we’ll hook you up with:

  • The opportunity to enhance your technical skills through learning and experimenting with new technologies
  • Career development through focus on technical training and personal growth
  • Great colleagues in a fun casual environment
  • A flexible schedule
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